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Janice Sutherland

Janice Sutherland

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Janice’s mission in life is to help people be more successful and happier, using the quickest, most efficient path possible. She has over 20 years of experience as an executive in the corporate environment gained within the UK and Caribbean. Her clients experience amazing improvements in their productivity, communication, motivation, leadership skills, flexibility, goal attainment, creativity, stress reduction, and work/life balance.

Janice works with her clients to understand their strengths and areas for change, she helps clients discover patterns that drive behavior, and then helps them set actionable goals for creating sustained, positive change. This approach results in leaders who are significantly more confident, capable, and successful in their leadership. She is also known for her enthusiasm for creating a strong work/life balance ethic life, with self-care an integral part of work success. In combination with leadership goals, Janice encourages her coaching clients to set goals for health and wellness to cultivate greater leadership staying power. All of Janice’s clients appreciate the frankness, energy, empathy, accountability, and humor that she brings to her engagements.

Janice most recently served as Chief Executive Officer for one of the Caribbean’s largest Telecommunications organisations, spanning two countries simultaneously. In this role, she led the growth of two multi-million dollar markets, becoming the first woman to hold such positions within either country.

She has held senior management roles within the Bank of Ireland, Santander and HomeServe.

Janice earned a Master of Arts degree in Strategic Sales Management (Dist.) being the first ever woman to attain the qualification from the University of Portsmouth, UK. She graduated from University of Central England, UK with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Combined Studies in Marketing and Human Resources and also holds a Diploma in Professional Sales. She is also a certified Executive and Life coach.

She lives her life with the ethos – Don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen.

Learn more about Janice: www.JaniceSutherland.com